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Are you interested in me? Would you like to add me in other places? Here are a list of things I’m also available on:

Plurk – Get to know me on a more personal level, enjoy my random rants, un-touched up photos of what I’m currently doing, or check out my #dailytwerk  – NSFW warning ahead of time.


Flickr –   I have a personal flickr, and a flickr for my shop where I post advertisements.


Tumblr – on this site I just tend to blog quotes or funny things that happen in SL.

Fashion/PG :

Adult :

Twerk :

Youtube – I sometimes do both recreational and promotional videos, I enjoy filming live events or just overall fun things.


Naughty Machinima – In the past I’ve done some questionable videos, I could say I needed the money for college but the truth is I’m just a slut.



SL Boudoir – This is where my naughty pictures go, I suggest you subscribe, we have many other girls who post the naughtys too, and some hot boys!~


Marketplace – for more in depth description of things I sell, see my shops page.

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