Can’t be Tamed



Skin – Pink Fuel Harley/Crystal

Body – Slink Physique, Hands, Feet, ETC with PF appliers

Panties – Epoque Basic Bikini Panties (Coming Soon)

Cuffs – Dutchie (Comes in the femdom chain set

Wings – Europa

Eyes – Ikon Industrial

Lashes – Lelutka

Piercings – Ni.ju


Hair : Lamb (Hair Fair )

Hairbase : Lelutka (came from ellie pack)




 Valoree was looking all fine so I decided to take her pic, one of my first SL friends here and shes always been one of the prettiest I’ve seen. She’s always looking for the best green dresses too, think she nailed this one. Love ya Val<3333



Dress – Tulip “Puff Skirt” & “Tucked Tank” in olive (sold separately)
Hair – Wasabi Pills – Brenda
Shoes – Slink Tri-Colour wedges
Leggins -Izzie’s Patterned Tights – Zebra
Glasses – Mad Mesh – Nerd Glasses
Raven Necklace – League
Sugar Heart peircings
Eskimo Lipgloss
League skin – Amber Fair – Greenglade
Schadenfreude Simple Gemstone ring
Eyes – Curio – Rita (Hazel)
Nails – Hello Dave – New Stiletto Manicure 2

Hair Fair – Second Post. 100% Donation Special

There were a few hairstyles I left out of my early post the other day,  because they were so special I wan’t to make a full outfit for each of them. First of all I would like to talk about Argrace, they’ve made some beautiful country style hat-hairstyles, and of course the one I liked most was 100% donation so I had to grab it in a few colors.  I would also like to talk about Airedine’s hairstyles, collaboration with Boom Accessories, also donating 100% this year. This is her first time making hair as far as I know and it looks so adorable! I can’t wait to see more. And last I would like to bring up Gauze, a store which I’d thought had disappeared, but while I was looking for my 3rd 100% donation hair, I found them. They offer a special color pack for 100.

Although I do love every hairstyle I bought, and I think that everyone in the fair is very generous, I wanted to feature these special ones for giving it that extra effort.  Thank you for showing us that spirit!



Argrace Details:

Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley/Crystal (Group Gift Check for Availability)

Slink Hands + PF appliers + League Fingernails (freebie)

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Storm

Piercing : Ni.Ju Amped set cheeks

Hair : Argrace – Minami Ebony (Hair Fair)

Dress : Baiastice Ayoun Dress Print Venice

Jewelry : Maxi Gossamer – Khaleesi’s Temptation

Shoes : Monso – My western




Gauze Details :

Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley/Crystal (Group Gift Check for Availability)

Slink Hands + PF appliers + League Fingernails (freebie)

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Storm

Accessories :

GSpot – Dyonysos Bride Accessories (Crown and Bracer in Black)

Kosh – Sade Necklace & Ring

Shoes : Hucci Hamsptead Sandal Mud  (Collabor 88 July)

Hair : Gauze Unseelie – Gems (Hair Fair)

Piercing : Ni.Ju Amped set cheeks.

Cloak : Fateplay Kollo Midnight

Dress : Plastic FLF Flourish Outfit Cailin Dress


A+A / Boom
A+A / Boom

Adore & Abhor Details :


Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley/Crystal (Group Gift Check for Availability)

Slink Hands + PF appliers + League Fingernails (freebie)

Piercing : Ni.Ju Amped set cheeks.

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Storm

Dress : Boom – Ardour Dress – Octo

Collar:  Boom – Precious Bow Collar/Choker (script or unscripted options, wink wink!)

Shoes: Boom – Adore Ultra High Shoes Violet

Socks : Chary – Spiked Bow White


Poses for Gauze & A&A photos made by Positure “Miss Maci” Set

Ziekel’s Hair Fair 2014

This is my first year as a blogger, and well, I’m actually not listed as a blogger either. When I knew I couldn’t be in the hair fair this year, due to some RL complications with my computer being left in England and me being unable to cope with my sad excuse for a laptop, I decided to drop out but I still wanted to be a part of it.

So with that I’d decided to join the photo contest, since writing and taking badly graphic-ed photos is just about all I can do these days. Thanks to some luck, and my adorable boyfriend who posed in the photo for me and made it 100x more sexy, I’d at least got a runner up spot. This was a lovely surprise for me, this aswell as my recently celebrated rez day have been cheering me up through a pretty rough patch in my life. Also thank you to my wonderful date to the fair, Pamela Igaly, who dragged me around with a hugging script. Would’ve taken me hours to shop without you. ❤

Although I didn’t know I’d even start a blog when I first entered this, I’ve decided I would like to post about my favorites and be supportive of the designers who did enter this year, and made some amazing items.  Ok so, enough talk, lets see my favorites!

Alice Project & Mina & Ayashi
Alice Project & Mina & Ayashi
Tram & Olive
Tram & Olive

This will not be my only post about this, it’s just what I’ve got so far on my first night, many designers haven’t set up yet, and I’ve also got a full outfit planned for one of my hairstyles that will be up in the next blog.  Please stay cold outside all day so I can finish this~! ❤


Alice Project

Olive Hair






Other Details :

Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley / Crystal (Group Gift, Check for availability)

Makeup : Pink Fuel Harley Ivory Nude Lips + Epoque Eyeliner (Coming soon)

Teeth : esk-imo Tattoo Fangs

Peircings : Ni.ju Amped set

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Industrial & Storm

Shirt : Tee*fy Tank Black.


Click this image to see all the winners & runner ups this year :


9th Rez Day – Almost a decade in SL.

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When I talk to my old friends from my hometown, I can definitely say that SL has changed my life and taken me places I never imagined I would go.  It has always been a constant home for me when my life was ever-changing, and no matter where I’ve been in the world I know I’ll always have family here.

From early on in my SL life, I was a content creator. Earlier than that even, I was a big slut hanging out in clubs all the time and pole-dancing for money. I remember back then you could actually make like 900L a day dancing in clubs from some automated system, I think the places were a lot more generous back then.

I remember rocking my freebies for a long time, but one of the first stores I’d ever really shopped at was Bare Rose, which opened not long after I’d joined actually.  June Dion was probably my first case of fan-girling a creator in SL, she was always very kind and generous. Thanks to her lovely designs, I’d won countless costume contests at random clubs! Then I would spend my prize money right back in her shop.

My first time ever building,  still didn’t even know you could alt-cam. I remember hanging around the sandboxes all day and building with friends, creating was so much more social back then and I think that if it hadn’t been, I would’ve never even bothered. It was always so nice to have someone looking on at your items while you’re doing it, giving advice and eventually teaching you to alt-cam even though you were a few months old.

The first time I’d ever even thought of opening a shop was around 2005 in December, there was an ice sculpture contest, they’d provided all the textures for free, and then you would prim build an item. I’d entered by making a very phallic looking magical tree.  I think it was either 3rd place or a runner up, but it was on display for a while in a “museum” of all the entries, and I’d often get IMs from people who loved it, and they would ask me if they could buy it, some paying up to 1k just to have this overly primmed ice-tree on their land.  I was eventually contacted by a wedding sim who offered me a free vendor space on their land, just to sell my ice sculptures, and so I was motivated to build a few more things for them and some customs.

I look back on it now and I think being an early member gave me so many opportunities, I literally only bought $L once, everything else were gifts, opportunities given to me, and money from my shops. Eventually after having a free-shop for so long I was able to pay my own rents and open my own brands which was wonderful!

My love life in SL has been a unique one that has changed my RL. Very early on in my SL life I’d met my previous partner, we were engaged for 3 years while dating over sl, then I moved across the world to be with him for 5 years until I went really crazy and came back home to America. We’re not together anymore, but it’s still another adventure I’ve had thanks to SL.  I thought I’d be done with love after that, but luck just has it that I’ve found a new partner.  He’s like everything that was missing in my life, but I don’t wanna go on about that and be embarrassing and girly ya know.  I’ll just say he’s fucking crazy in bed and if any hookas be looking I’ll rip their weave right out.

I can’t forget to mention my friends, they’ve been like family to me, when life was rough and empty we would spend our holidays together, which I’d sometimes wonder if it was sad but now I just think it’s lucky. I think about a world without SL, and where I’d never know those people, and how many days I would’ve spent locked in my room never getting to know a single person in the world. Sometimes it’s a bit painful to think about how all these wonderful people are so far away from me… but they’re right there, when I log in, in my home every day I get to see them.

My shop esk-imo started out as a group project between many close friends, we’d all talked about living together and we were going to save our money from the shop to eventually live together IRL like a family. It was an adorable dream but I’m the only one left.  At one point at least 3 of us were all in London together but things happened and whatever.

In my time in SL, when other friends of mine had reached my age they started trying to quit SL and say how sad it was that they’d spent almost a decade here. I look on my life here and think that it’s been a good decade, it’s not a waste of my time.  In fact, it’s probably a better use of my time to spend all day learning about people and cultures from around the world, than to stumble down the block from a bar drinking all day with the locals who’s world I already live in, just to have another night I probably wouldn’t remember anyways.  Not to completely knock my RL friends, I love them but I can only handle their lifestyles in small doses before I want to lock myself away again.

Thank you SL for a very strange and wonderful 9 years. I will end this post now with the details in my photo!


Hair : Lamb – Song Greyscale pack (Grey for being old! get it?)

Skin : Pink Fuel – Alabaster Sora

Body : Slink Hands + Feet + Physique, PF appliers + League Freebie Nails

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Black

Teeth : esk-imo Tattoo Fangs.

Shirt : Kauna Open Shirt Black

Panties : Hucci (Compatible with Physique only)

Makeup : Epoque Liner 2 (coming soon, I promise)

Digits Post -Fitted Mesh



Questions about Fitted Mesh:

  1. What are your thoughts about Fitted mesh? – I like it sometimes, but I also still enjoy sized things since I pretty much fit perfectly into a size XS or XXS. 
  2. Have you tried any of the new fitted mesh avatars released by Linden Lab? What do you think of them? – No, I could tell by the pictures they wont really be my thing, I’m very specific about what I wear and being a content creator myself and a long-time builder in SL, it’s hard for me to want to wear anything pre-set. 
  3. Have you tried any fitted mesh avatars/bodies created by residents? – Yes I’ve got the slink body, and before fitted mesh I wore the cute azz which originally inspired me to make my shape more curvy. I like the combination of my new curvy body with the slim-ness of the slink body though. 
  4. Have you tried a mesh head? What are your thoughts about mesh heads? – This is one line I don’t think I’m ever going to cross. My face has some traits over the years I’ve not changed, but overall being experienced in being in lots of photos and videos, I’ve found little tricks in the shape to reduce lines and stuff… I usually find people with mesh heads a bit creepy, they don’t feel like they are a part of SL. 
  5. Do you foresee a lot of changes to our current Second Life avatars because of fitted mesh? – Sure yeah, Although I’m going to try to keep myself in a standard size, I think it’s nice that I have the option to mess around with my shape and go a little bit out of the lines. Although I’m finding I have to more often adjust myself for fitted mesh, rather than how I’d originally expected it to just.. fit. 


Hair : Lamb – Siren (Loveless Pack)

Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley / Crystal (Group Gift, Check for availability) 

Mesh body + Hands + Feet : Slink with all PF Appliers (Small chest regular)

Fingernails : League (freebies)

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Industrial

Bikini : Boom – Hampton / Nude

Piercings : Ni.Ju. Amped Cheeks

Makeup : PF Harley Ivory Doll Gloss Red + Epoque Eyeliner (Coming soon)

Digits : (With Slink Body)

Height – 50 (6’1″ using the Avatar Ruler)

Body Fat: 0

Head size: 44

Torso Muscle: 24

Breast Size: 48

Arm length: 64

Hand size: 23

Torso length: 54

Love Handles: 32

Belly Size: 0

Leg Muscle: 45

Leg length: 44

Hip width: 57

Butt Size: 34

Saddle Bags: 47

God Bless America



I’ve decided to start blogging just for fun,  and since today is the first day I get to celebrate the 4th back in the states I thought it’d be a good day to start my first post too. If theres anything I should know or if anyone wants to be friends somehow, let me know!


Hair : Lamb – Siren – Greyscale Pack

Eyes : Ikon Industrial Ascension

Nails : League (Freebies)

Skin : Pink Fuel  – Harley / Crystal (Group Gift, may have to double check availability)

Slink Hands + PF Appliers

Makeup : Pink Fuel Harley Dolly Gloss Red (Harley Ivory)  + Epoque eyeliner (Coming Soon)

Bikini : Boom (50L Friday)

Flag : Seven Emporium

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