Inside Out

InsideOut brains

Coming October 10th to The Season’s Story 

This brain uses your system layer hair, which we now these days tend to use for eyebrow adjustment, and shapes it into a brain-like shape, I’ve upgraded the old version and made all these variation. This version is exclusive to this event. They will be gacha so you can share them with friends or people you think might need some empty spaces filled. (Hearts coming soon? idk!) Please PLEASE! remember to check all of your alpha layers before contacting me about your brain not showing up. Some mesh-body have automatically alpha’d out the system hair. If from the neck down you are made of mesh you can easily make a new alpha layer. (I imagine I will be making one to pass out free by the end of today.)

Also if you noticed how sexy my crack is in this pic, that’s because I’m wearing these new underpants from Chocolate Atelier which will also be at The Season’s Story 


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