Blueberry @ Hairfair

Blueberry2 BlueBerryBooth

My first post involving the hair fair is about one of my favorite booths this year, Blueberry. It’s a very well known clothing store, but I actually didn’t even know they made hair til I seen them up at the fair, and not only that but Blueberry has so generously made all of their hairs donate 100% this year! As usual the hair fair donations go to wigs for kids, if you would like to know more information on the fair itself, click here. The reason I love to point out 100% booths every year is that I do personally know how much work goes into doing this, and it is so wonderful to see someone put forth that extra effort so I just wanted to acknowledge it! Thank you Blueberry! As usual, my post will be followed with my other favorite purchases as soon as possible. Have a happy fair everyone!! Good luck! ❤

Also Happy 10 year anniversary to the Hair Fair! So shortly after my 10 year Rez-day, that means when I was flopping around learning how to alt-cam and rez blocks, you all were actually doing great things.

Hair : BlueBerry @ Hair Fair 

Head Jewelry : Free Gift from Blueberry @ Hair Fair 

Skin : Pink Fuel Doll v2

Eyes : Buzzeri

Shirt : Spirit @ The Seasons Story

Necklace : Paper Arrow Co. 


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