Luau @ -The Bay-

Oh yea bitches I’m back! and I’ll be coming back this weekend with the amazing DM at – The Bay – This Saturday, but don’t forget to check out Sunday aswell for our super awesome Luka&Orph!
●Saturday (May 23rd)
Event: Luau at -The Bay-
Location: Elephant Watering Hole

Deejay: Ziekel Cyrus (Ziekling Bunnyhug)
Time: 12PM-2PM SLT

Deejay: DM (d1570r73d)
Time: 2PM-4PM SLT

●Sunday (May 24th)
Event: Need For The Speed
Location: Flamingo Watering Hole

Deejay: Luka (Luka Requiem)
Time: 12PM-2PM SLT

Deejay: Orph (orph3us)
Time: 2PM-4PM SLT

Follow DM here :


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