Saturday – !ndustry for Nepal Event

!ndustry is putting together an event for Nepal, donating 100% of proceeds to the Red Cross. There will be so many amazing musicians and DJs playing for 9 hours, and omg I’m super excited.

To celebrate this event, I’ve made a special mod on my underwears with a Nepal print. There is also some other stuff, all of these items donate 100% to the cause too. It’s a bit on the lady side but dudes come down too seriously this party is gonna be awesome!


Tomorrow is the day! !ndustry For Nepal will start at 11am SLT. The line up is FANTASTIC!
11:00 Sassy Nitely
11:30 Oblee
12:00 Zachh Cale
12:30 phemie alcott
1:00 Jase Turtleface
1:30 Caasi Ansar
2:00 DJ Jessica Teardrop
3:00 Jukebox Diesel
3:30 DJ Malachi decuir
4:00 Keeba Tammas
4:30 Mark Allan Jensen
5:00 Acousticenergy Nitely
5:30 Collin Martin
6:00 Oakly Foxtrot
6:30 Red Heaven
7:00 Anidi Huet
7:30 Ashton Andretti
8:00 Rara Destiny



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