Aubryn Melody – Music in SL


Today I was surprised with a horrible message “I’m quitting music” on her notecard she passed out, luckily I found it was only an April Fool’s joke. It would be such a shame if she quit music! Aubryn is one of my favorite musicians in SL. At her more recent shows she has talked about her new kickstarter project where she will be making an album. I am so excited for this so I wanted to share this news with everyone!

When I’d first heard Aubryn, she was on right after one of my friends who was playing, and I instantly fell in love, and then she played a Britney Spears song, oh yes! I went crazy. Gotta love anyone who can sing Britney.

It turns out she does a lot of amazing originals too, here is a preview of one of them, I love it!!  :

Her next show is later today, sadly we don’t know when the next Second Life show is yet, but if you would like to hear her live soon check this link here :


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