We did a terrible thing. (EPOQUE)

I cannot put into words how much I love Sister Vintage McMillan right now for modding her old body-con dress for me when I said I needed this blue/gold thing to happen. For the record, we both saw it as blue right away! but to coordinate or hair colors I got put in the white. We’ve decided that since it’s been a really long time since our last group gift, we will be giving it to group members! Also the pose in the picture is included in the gift box if you would like to do your own version of this picture. I’ve recently got into poses lately because that’s just about all I can do on this computer for the most part, so you can expect some weird things to be out from me soon, stay tuned!




Off for now (Continued)

I still don’t have my computer back yet! There have been some issues in getting it sent, and I’d prefer not to blog with low quality graphics and I don’t really like using photoshop on fashion-posts. If you sponsor me, feel free to take me off any of your lists or whatever, I totally understand!

Anything I have collected from sponsors I will try to back-track, but obviously wont be as good as normal because it will be a little old by the time I’m doing this again, and I will have missed the event linking.

So yeah! Sorry for the long delay in getting back, I do hope to come back with a vengeance though but life is sort of unpredictable. I do hope to be back by april, or may at the latest…. or june. Ya know. Sometime this year. ❤