The Bay


Winter is NOT coming. I refuse to believe it! So come hang with me at The Bay, opening this friday. Going to party this winter in bliss surrounded by sunny windlights and palm trees. The bay is an adult hangout and photography area with a beach/pirate theme, although there is no dress code, don’t worry you’re not required to dress as a pirate or mermaid, although please feel free to go along and do that if you’d like. There will be private group-only areas, and residential areas available, talk to Mz Marville if interested.

The Bay’s grand opening party details :

11/14/2014 – 11/15/2014

Friday 2 pm – 4pm Zie & DM

Saturday 2pm – 4pm Rain & Laryn

SLURL for future use, the sim isn’t open until friday at the party

Brought to you by :

CerberusXingLogoPicks CONSERVE Transparent

Picture Details :

Pose by Rack 

Pirate costume = Gacha from Alchemy

Mermaid Tail = Mother of Pearl 

Shells = Modified from a Caverna Obsura outfit

Hair = Gacha item also from Exile

ok this outfit really sucks to blog cos over half of it is gacha things, just contact me if I missed anything important.


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