Halloween @ The Luxe – Elysion

It was only last year around this time that I’d been introduced to Elysion and became a member, I didn’t know much about the place except that most everyone who went there was pretty good looking, and they threw the best parties every weekend.  I remember when they first announced they were going to do live dance shows, I was thrilled! I am a person who likes to be involved and active in SL, so you will often catch me at music shows, events, parties, all of that. Every month I would go to the shows, even when I was stuck on my popsicle laptop of doom over the summer I would hide up in the balcony and do my best to see the shows.

Some people disregard Elysion as just another pay to join sex club, while I actually admit to having used their furniture for some secret videos, I would say it’s much more than that. The sim itself is a work of art. Around the entire sim, it is constantly updated to match the seasons, making it a great place to do your seasonal mood photo shoots. I actually rarely see anything going on there that’s really dirty, so if you’re one of those people who’s debating joining or not and maybe you’re a little uptight about what you’ve heard, trust me, it’s seriously a beautiful place and worth every L$ to join… and no you wont get creeps hitting on you.

And now let’s get to the point.

This last Luxe show, they’d offered some costumes for the audience to wear, so this time the lag was lower than it’d ever been, and I had to take the chance to film it… and so I did. I often think the amount of work they put it, it really is a shame that it’s not recorded or photographed, although that is some of the magic of getting to see the show live I’ll admit, really only about 60-80 people get to see the show, we know how SL can be. Some of us will miss it, and some of us will show up and not be able to see a single thing. Sooo the stalker and hoarder in me couldn’t help but make this attempt. I couldn’t get the  entire acts together, that would’ve killed me, but I did put together clips of all the acts together and added a song of my own choice. Although I’m used to having a bit more control over what I film, I have to admit I am overall happy with my work here.

Click this photo to see the video : 


And to see the sim for itself :



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