Andro – Ash

Ok, soooo loving all this androgynous event stuff lately. It’s been a long time since I made a man-ziek, but oddly enough originally I created the character with a very androgynous look and sometimes even referred to myself as “it” …. ahh the days. As SL styles changed and it just became easier to make either a girl or a boy character, especially when trying to keep up with all this high quality mesh stuff, I sort of left the style behind me, but then Mochi had to make these amazing skins and I am so in love! They also do include a female body, with boobies and all that, just in case you want to keep your boobs but still have a cute boy-ish kind of face. I was also so happy to find that the new L.Warwick shoes include both a female and male option for slink. I really rarely ever want to take my slink feet off and I do think it’s very hard to find male shoes compatible with slink.



Skin : Pink Fuel – Andro Skins – Ash  Genre 

Hands : Slink

Hair : Dura boys & girls 49

Hairbase : Lelutka Shaved Base (Ellie hair)

Boxers : Ronsem (Straight Jeans)

Suit : A:S:S Mason Suit Genre 

Shoes : L. Warwick Bravado (Fem fit, but includes Male fit both for slink) The Liasion Collaborative

Eyes : S0ng Chibi Void

Poses : Fri. Winter.Song


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