Trying out my look here with a mesh mouth, it’s the nyam and PF Doll v2 Appliers, this is my first mesh accessory for the face that I’ve really tried out and so far I actually like it! I’ve not been able to take it off since I tried it on. It comes with a few teeth options which really made me happy because I’ve been wearing fangs for so long its hard to see myself without them. There are normal, fang, and double fang options. Also in the lower picture I’ve used an additional loudmouth fang attachment I had (I didn’t know what loudmouth was when I bought it lol) and it seems to be interchangeable and whatever.


Skin : Pink Fuel Doll v2 Crystal

Hands/Body/Feet : Slink Physique

Mouth : Nyam Nyam 

Shirt : Boom – FLF Dead Cute Tank

Jeans : Villena Skinny Jeans

Shoes : Reign Petal Hoppers

Jacket : *X*plosion Lumberjack Shirt

Hair : little bones. Willow (Gacha Item)

Eyes : s0ng Chibi Coal


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