Goodbye Horses

Hello! So, gonna make this quick I hope, but I wanted to do a photo based on Game of Thrones, but also take more photos in the beautiful sim called Matoluta Sanctuary which is based on horses and education and all this lovely stuff. It’s an educational PG type RP sim and there’s like tons of friendly horses everywhere, sometimes there is movies and parties and events and I strongly urge anyone interested to please check it out while its hot! If you would also like to learn more about this sim and what it’s about, check out this website :

During my photoshoot I ran into this lovely Spanish Mustang, who happened to be painted up perfectly to match our costumes, (Coincidence I swear). His name is Ursus Broono (Manatou) and he is the awesomest horse ever!







On Ziek : 

Skin: Pink Fuel + Slink hands 

Outfit : Soedara 

Hair : Ison


On Shiro :

Skin : Fruk

Slink Hands / Tinted Not Applied

Hair & Beard : Runaway

Outfit : Sweet Lies




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