Ziekel’s Hair Fair 2014

This is my first year as a blogger, and well, I’m actually not listed as a blogger either. When I knew I couldn’t be in the hair fair this year, due to some RL complications with my computer being left in England and me being unable to cope with my sad excuse for a laptop, I decided to drop out but I still wanted to be a part of it.

So with that I’d decided to join the photo contest, since writing and taking badly graphic-ed photos is just about all I can do these days. Thanks to some luck, and my adorable boyfriend who posed in the photo for me and made it 100x more sexy, I’d at least got a runner up spot. This was a lovely surprise for me, this aswell as my recently celebrated rez day have been cheering me up through a pretty rough patch in my life. Also thank you to my wonderful date to the fair, Pamela Igaly, who dragged me around with a hugging script. Would’ve taken me hours to shop without you. ❤

Although I didn’t know I’d even start a blog when I first entered this, I’ve decided I would like to post about my favorites and be supportive of the designers who did enter this year, and made some amazing items.  Ok so, enough talk, lets see my favorites!

Alice Project & Mina & Ayashi
Alice Project & Mina & Ayashi
Tram & Olive
Tram & Olive

This will not be my only post about this, it’s just what I’ve got so far on my first night, many designers haven’t set up yet, and I’ve also got a full outfit planned for one of my hairstyles that will be up in the next blog.  Please stay cold outside all day so I can finish this~! ❤


Alice Project


Olive Hair











Other Details :

Skin : Pink Fuel – Harley / Crystal (Group Gift, Check for availability)

Makeup : Pink Fuel Harley Ivory Nude Lips + Epoque Eyeliner (Coming soon)

Teeth : esk-imo Tattoo Fangs

Peircings : Ni.ju Amped set

Eyes : Ikon Ascension Industrial & Storm

Shirt : Tee*fy Tank Black.


Click this image to see all the winners & runner ups this year :



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